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About the guys & Tamil Feasts

Here is the brief history of Tamil Feasts: Sri, Nirma, Nigethan and Niro became friends while they were in detention in Broadmeadows (Sri & Nigethan originally met on the same boat that brought them to Australia).  When Sri and Nirma were released, after 6 ½ years in detention, they struggled to find work.  We got together and thought, “Hey lets have a FEAST”, tickets went online for 2 FEASTS and sold out within a week.  For 4 months, we held weekly FEASTS on TUESDAY NIGHTS – always selling out ages in advance. Then Niro was released and we started catering more, and we got Bhaji added to our menu and more Tamil love songs were played.  Then Nigethan was released and we added seafood and meat to our menu, and added another night!

Now TAMIL FEASTS is 3 nights a week!

With each FEAST you attend, you help to continue employment for these 4 amazing men who are still currently seeking asylum here in Australia!