விருந்து – Tamil Feasts

விருந்து Tamil Feasts is a social enterprise supporting recently settled asylum seekers through the celebration of food and culture. Serving up traditional Sri Lankan fare prepared by Tamil men currently seeking asylum in Australia, these thrice-weekly feasts create a context in which the cooks are able to share the food heritage of their Sri Lankan homeland with the wider community. This unique enterprise simultaneously creates a space in which Australians are able to show their support of individuals who are presently undergoing the difficult experience of seeking refuge in a foreign land – all the while partaking in some seriously tasty food!

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Diners feast upon a traditional banquet of curries, chutneys, vadai, dahl, kormas and masalas made by Proud Tamil cooks Sri, Nirma, Niro and Nigethan. It is a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant colour, spice and flavour of authentic Tamil cuisine—rarely found outside Sri Lanka.

Feasts are served on Monday and Tuesday nights out of the CERES Community Kitchen (located just below the Merri Table Café) at 6:30pm; as well as on Friday nights out of the Merri Table Café at 7:00pm. These three-course feasts are a slamming deal for only $30. Kiddos-sized feast plates (without the spice) are valued at $20. Bubs join in the fun for free! With an ever-changing menu, no two feasts are the same!

Tamil Feasts have a limited capacity and are pre-book only!

MONDAY 6:30pm
Monday nights offer a vegetarian/vegan option AND a non-vegetarian option. Nigethan was a fisherman before moving to Australia and prepares a range of seafood delights. Other nights include chicken or lamb curries—varying from week to week!

TUESDAY 6:30pm
Tuesday nights are exclusively vegetarian and vegan, offering a wide variety of traditional Tamil fare changing week to week. Tamil vegetarian food is naturally, vegan – we will occasionally have a yogurt dip accompanied on the side – but it is always optional.

FRIDAY 7:00pm
Come and kick off the weekend with your Tamil Feasts family.  On Friday nights from 7pm we share our Tamil delights from the Merri Table cafe located onsite at CERES. We’ll be mixing up the menu, the bar will be a-flowin’ and, as always, we’ll be keeping it cozy. We will be offering non-vegetarian, vegetarian, and vegan options. Come and join us for the fun!

Some of the particulars/FAQs:

Each and every Tamil Feast is vegetarian and vegan-friendly, simply choose that option when booking your tickets. There is also a CASH bar serving beer, wine, and a non-alcoholic option—just be sure to bring along CASH as we do not have card facilities! Tamil Feasts can easily accommodate to cater any dietary requirements—simply let us know in advance via email at

The evening kicks off at 6:30pm on Monday and Tuesdays, and at 7pm on Fridays. From these times the cash bar is flowing and starters are served. The main course is served at 7pm on Monday and Tuesday and 7:30pm on Fridays.

We ask that all guests arrive no later than 7pm

(for Monday and Tuesday bookings) and 7:30pm (for Friday bookings).

Tamil Feasts are served at communal-style, long tables in an intimate setting. Should you wish to be seated with individuals under another booking name, simply email and we’ll ensure you’re seated together.

Be sure to bring along a take-away container (or three)! We’ll fill them up for a donation of $5 and you’ll have lunch for the following day!

Due to the nature of the project, we are not able to give refunds.